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Cathy Buggs
Cathy BuggsUpdated 6 months ago

A solid client-server app to crack or recover passwords

BruteForcer is an ideal choice to crack passwords, manage passwords, or simply recover them on your Windows PC

There are times when you lose or forget certain passwords. During such times, a program like BruteForcer can come in handy. 

The tool can make use of multiple network machines simultaneously and add tremendous processing capacity. The portable application doesn’t come with an installation file and provides support for only RAR passwords. Moreover, for the software to work effectively, the file names must be encrypted.

Cracks RAR passwords, recovers forgotten passwords, and more

When it comes to user authentication, passwords are considered to be the most commonly used method. They’re relatively easy to implement and give a sense of security to people working with gadgets and devices. 

Unfortunately, passwords also come with some security vulnerabilities. While password crackers like Brute Forcer download have had a bad reputation due to their ability to crack private information, they’re also useful tools to recover passwords, whether lost or forgotten, and manage them efficiently.

What is BruteForcer?

In simple terms, BruteForcer is a multi-threaded, client-server password cracking software program. With more clients connected to the server, the program becomes stronger, faster, and more efficient. 

This plugin-based tool doesn't require installation. In other words, Brute Forcer is segmentation software that doesn’t consider the file type you’re trying to crack. It just sends the password to the plugin, which checks whether the received information is correct or not.

The underlying technology has great potential for development in future. Any programmer or IT expert can write a plugin, which can compile stdcall dll-s. Apart from files, this concept may be used to brute-force passwords for any type of technology. Currently, the program can only handle RAR archives with encrypted filenames. However, since the plugin is open-source, developers from around the world can make enhancements.

How to use BruteForcer?

BruteForce comes with a simple interface. While the program is easy-to-use, it needs some technical knowledge to navigate the features and functionalities. The first step is to download the tool on your Windows PC and extract the file. You need to open the ‘Server’ folder and run the ‘BFS.exe’ file. From the ‘Tools’ icon in the main window, you’ll be able to set the maximum and minimum password length and include a randomized dictionary and symbols. Once you’ve configured the dictionary as per your preferences, you'll have to click ‘Ok’. 

To crack passwords, the next step requires you to enter the file name you want to access. You can do this in the main window. If the particular file is accessible by all clients on the network, you’ll be able to specify the complete path. If not, you need to place a copy on each client. The next step is to click the ‘Radar’ icon, which starts the server. 

Then, Brute Forcer download requires you to open the client folder and run BFC.exe. Simply enter the username, port, and server IP. If the client and server are running on the same system, you can leave the settings on default. To start a comprehensive dictionary attack, you should check the ‘Enable Wordlist Attack’, choose the dictionary, set the attack priority and level, and select the BF_Rar3.bfl plugin. In the end, just click ‘Connect’. The program gives you the option to choose from three different levels.

Level 1 - This is the fastest level and lets you skip a number of unnecessary combinations. It looks for complete matches within the wordlist. If you know the password is only a single word, this level will be quite useful.

Level 2 - This level of the password cracker ignores the symbols and looks for matches within the wordlist. It comes in handy for single-word passwords with symbols and numbers.

Level 3 - The third level takes some time and looks for at least one meaningful option within the wordlist. While it’s slower than the rest, it’s considered to be the most accurate and efficient. 

Once you have chosen the preferred level and other settings, you’ll only have to wait for the password to show up on your screen. The latest version of the program comes with some subtle improvements, such as a minimum length restriction. This can help you manage passwords in a much better way. 

What are the alternatives?

In recent times, people have been quite aware of ethical hacking modules, password cracking software, and other similar technologies. As such, you can choose from plenty of options available online. 

While BruteForcer is a good tool, you could check out Social Password Decryptor, a comprehensive program focusing on cracking social media passwords. If you have accounts on multiple social media websites and keep forgetting the combinations, this tool could be quite useful.

Windows Password Cracker is another simple tool that lets you crack Windows passwords to log in to a computer. Since the program uses a dictionary available in multiple languages, you can use it across countries and continents. 

RAR Password Cracker is also a useful tool, decrypting RAR files to be accessed on Windows PCs. The program features a comprehensive ‘Wizard’ to take you through the entire process.

A reliable choice for recovering or cracking passwords

BruteForcer comes with a simple interface, which might seem juvenile to some experienced IT professionals. Moreover, there’s no installation file and could be annoying for expert users. However, this password recovery tool gets the job done fast, effectively, and efficiently

The program is a decent option to crack passwords, recover passwords, and manage passwords. You just make sure you download the program, configure the settings, and enter some basic details to get started. Since it’s a lightweight tool, it doesn’t affect your system’s resources.


  • Comes with a clean interface
  • Offers easy navigation
  • Quickly cracks passwords
  • Recovers RAR passwords


  • Doesn’t have an installer

Program available in other languages

BruteForcer for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 0.9.1
  • 2.6

  • Security Status

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